Jeez, it’s 4:30pm already?? I just got up! (seems like it anyway)

Look at little baby Gerard Butler!

I’ve been watching the Tomb Raider movies while I streamed tonight. Wow, these movies are dumb!

Only SUNDAY is still unsold.

FOUR of my exclusive stream nights are sold.

$100 Exclusive Streams

I will do live streams each evening, working on only ONE large pre-paid commission per session. I will stream as long as it takes to finish each piece. (There may be lengthy breaks.) I will add lots of extra detail. (Single character, as usual.) The price for one of these exclusive streams is $100.

PLEASE RESERVE YOURS NOW. I need to sell one for EVERY evening, to make rent and bills. CONTACT ME!

Monday - SOLD
Tuesday - SOLD
Wednesday - SOLD
Thursday - SOLD
Friday - SOLD
Saturday - SOLD
Sunday - open

The clusterfuck that is Disney/Marvel.

Why is Todd McFarlane a millionaire and I’m not??

I agree, though. Marvel’s cover choice is NOT how you get more women to pick up your comics. IF that’s what you actually want.